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In partnership with the Intercontinental Biennial of Indigenous Art and St. Ignace Visitors Bureau, Mackinac Arts Council is proud to present a selection of original films by indigenous filmmakers in the historic Mission Point Theater on September 5 & 6, 2020. All films are free and open to the public.

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Short Films

The festival will open with three short films, This is Who I Am by United States filmmakers Kalvin Hartwing and Manuel Ibañez, Primer Estrella de la Tarde (First Evening Star) - a musical performance by Gonzalo Ceja, and Abuela Grillo (Grandma Cricket) - an animated short by Denis Chapon of Argentina.

2:00 PM
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The renewal of the last remaining Inca bridge of today shows us the remarkable vigor and liveliness of the Andean people and their culture. Through this bridge, traditionally called the Q’eswachaka bridge, we can witness how they conserve their techniques and renew their culture. This social event that occurs once a year over the Apurimac river, appears before our eyes as a ritual and as a sacred gesture conducted by the men and women of the surrounding territories. Q’eswachaka is the second film of a nine film series called The Mysteries of the Andes.

2:45 PM
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This documentary delves deeply into the mythological and cultural roots of the indigenous community of the Q’eros. The Q’eros inhabit a territory more than 5000 meters above sea level located between the plateau and Amazonian Regions of Cuzco in the South Central Andes. This “nation” of Andean men and women with extraordinary ways of life dedicate themselves to farming, agriculture, and exchange. They have preserved their ethnic identity for more than 500 years, surviving both the colonial and republic periods, as they project themselves into the future. Their vision, which encompasses everything on earth and in the cosmos, has survived throughout time and has allowed them to maintain their way of life. Inkarri is the first film of the nine film series The Mysteries of the Andes

4:00 PM
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Short films

The festival continues with six shorts, Nuestro Espiritu (Our Spirit) - a musical performance by Gonzalo Ceja of Mexico, Altiplano (Plateau) - a musical performance of Ronald Sánchez, Diablos Quillasingas Colombia - a dance performance of Renacer Danzantes of Colombia, Wiracocha - a documentary by Miguel Angel Mérida, Surama - a musical performance from Chile, and Fiesta Mestiza - a music and dance performance by Polibio Mayorga of Ecuador.

2:00 PM
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Voces Que Sanan

The documentary "Voices That Heal" focuses on the healing practices, the world views, and the native languages that are on the verge of extinction in four villages in the tropical jungles of Peru.

2:45 PM
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El Rey de la Nubes

El Rey de la Nubes (King of the Clouds) is an award-winning documentary film by María Laura Molina.

4:00 PM
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