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Applying for a Grant

Mackinac Arts Council provides grant funds for organizations and special projects that directly benefit arts and culture in the Mackinac Island community. Prospective grant applicants are encouraged to contact our offices to discuss proposals and obtain more information about the granting process.



2020 grants are awarded in the Fall. Applications must be received electronically to by October 1. 

On a limited basis, emergency grants for special projects may be awarded during other parts of the year. Emergency grants must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the date of the program for which funds are being requested.



Mackinac Arts Council is most interested in projects that directly benefits arts and culture in the Mackinac Island community. Grants generally range from $100 to $1,000. High priority is given to applications that


  • Enable an organization to carry out a specific project

  • Enable a project that directly benefits the Mackinac Island community at large

  • Support a project that is accessible by a wide range of demographics on Mackinac Island

  • Encourage arts awareness and education among Mackinac Island youth

  • Meet an existing or emerging need in arts and cultural programs on Mackinac Island

  • Have a clearly defined budget, goals, narrative, and strategic plan



All applications are reviewed by the Mackinac Arts Council board of directors at an annual meeting in the Fall of each year. Award announcements are made by email at the end of October.


All grantees are required to submit a final budget and report on the outcome of funded projects no more than 90 days following the project dates as indicated on the application. All grantees receive a final report form and guidelines for submission following the dispersal of funds. Failure to submit a final report may result in organizations or individuals becoming ineligible to receive funding in future years.

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